The film GOING experience in my opinion should be an event that carries you away within the contents of its story, characters, or world. To become lost and fixated on what is placed in front of us in the forms of communication between sound and vision.




ASTRL pictures is an extension of that personal philosophy, to create stories, worlds, and characters that can relate to every individual in a different way. . As an Independent film production company, our goal is simple: to make original films.


 Storytelling is ultimately key, to create and produce high quality original and unique ideas. Storytellers can be anyone or from anywhere, that’s the power of cinema. WITH 40 + INTERNATIONAL AWARDS, MULTIPLE NOMINATIONS, AND an opulence of experience under our belt, we have been lucky enough to contribute to this medium.




There are many exciting projects upcoming within ASTRL pictures, and I can not wait to share these with you.




Riagáin Grainger 

What is ASTRL Pictures?