rois des chevaux

It’s 1202 Normandy France, the king is dead and Prince Marcellus is to be crowned as successor. Unfortunately, his (evil) uncle has other plans. When Marcellus is cursed and transformed into a black stallion, it’s a race against time to stop the kingdom from going to war with an opposing royal house. Marcellus must endure a mental (and psychical) journey to stop his uncle’s maniacal plans coming into fruition, whilst on the way forming an unusual ragtag team with a stable girl, a disgraced bounty hunter, and a very unreliable sorcerer supreme

written, directed & edited  by  Riagain grainger 

Cinematographer: Luke Taggart

Produced by: Riagáin Grainger, Daniel Valentine, Luke Taggart


Jason Howe, Bryan Gallagher, Ella Clarke, Mark Mccarney, Leah Robinsom


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